Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Today we chose to celebrate by asking everyone in our office to suggest ways in which we can be greener while we work!  Check out the list below to see what we came up with:

  1. Have IT program all computers so they turn screens off, rather than put on screensavers when computers are idle – Sarah G.
  2. Use pens with refillable ink – Joel T.
  3. Don’t stock the refrigerator with plastic drink bottles – Claire C.
  4. Buy a soda stream for the office! – Dagna H.
  5. Measure our electricity consumption using an electrical meter so we are aware of how much energy we consume – Brian Shassian
  6. Adjust the refrigerator temp to 4 degrees C and freezer to -18 degrees C can help the fridge work less and the food doesn’t go bad or thaw – Josue A.
  7. Encourage people to bring food from home in reusable containers – Winnie
  8. Stop using disposable plates, cups and utensils – Dagna H.
  9. Stop printing things that don’t need to be printed, and when you do print make sure it’s double sided – Dagna H.
  10. Order vegetarian/vegan office lunches – Claire C.
  11. Take the stairs instead of the elevator – Danny O.
  12. Get a keg for office happy hour instead of buying individual beers – Charles C.
  13. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean the office – Claire C.
  14. Have a green wall where people can quickly write green/sustainable ideas/thoughts – Abdul T.
  15. Use recycled paper to print anything that is used internally – Lisa C.
  16. Turn off the A/C unit and open the windows on a mild day – Lisa C.
  17. Remove individual trash cans and place paper recycling bins next to every printer – Will P.
  18. Buy office furniture made from sustainable materials – Ethan C.
  19. Take misprints and other single-sided documents we don’t need any more and use them for scratch work and note taking – Ethan C.
  20. Add occupancy sensors to all the light switches – Cyprienne C.
  21. Have large outdoor air temperature and humidity displays on both sides of the office so we know to open our windows on nice days – Cyprienne C.

Photo taken from http://www.wildretina.com/

5 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!”

  1. Love the plants! Just be sure you don’t have molds growing in soils. Very common and can be hazardous enough to have plants removed.

    In our office I’d like to see people turn the water off while they’re washing individual dishes. You can almost feel the ground sinking under you watching all that water go down the drain.

  2. A thought on paper goods. When one of our clients moved to more sustainable practices in their sports venue, they commissioned a study to determine which was better: throwaway ‘paper’ goods or washing dishes. Surprisingly, the sustainable answer was: throwaway paper goods.

    I’m not sure that applies to us per se, on our in-office basis because they had an industrial recycling process that recaptured everything. So I agree with 7 & 8. But it did remind me of this study. I thought it would be valuable to mention to balance our reflexive impulse in what could be a wrong direction for a client.

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